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Motorcity features some crazy cool animation!!!

PS: I animate on this show. Yes, this post is shameless pride and excitement.

thanks for posting sketchdose!! Check out her blog! She has tons of amazing sketches. =D 

check it out guys! this is how the animation is done on Motorcity! there are also some scenes from later episodes that you wont be able to find on the disney previews. love the Texas vs Kane scene. and the very last scene with Chuck and the KMG is boarded by the awesome DWOO!!

Edit* here are also the blogs that you should check out that belong to the amazing animators listed in the cartoon brew article:

Jeremy Polgar

Ben Li

Holy hand ball hulk~! that is one cool article. thanks for the props Eug.  I’ve also updated the list of Titmouse artists on tumblr, so go check that out for even more TM artist goodness.