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The Titmouse “Awesome” Reel 2014

Titmouse fuckn kills the American animation game. Ya, I’ll say it.  Who else is casually making stuff like this in the states?


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quick doodle


Pacific Rim doddle,


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lordy lordy lordy. this is amazing. T_T

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Hey Tumblr Peeps,

I’m coming to you guys for help because you guys always have a huge knowledge base about programs and I’m hoping that maybe you will have an answer to my problem.  My problem concerns the program Storyboard Pro 2.0.  If you know of this program read on…

First off here are the specs of the machines I’m using.

Computer 1: Mac OS X, software update 10.8.4

Computer 2: Windows 7, latest patch update on Tuesday 7/09/2013

Both computers are running Storyboard Pro 2.

On 08/06/2013 I transferred a storyboard pro backup file (name of the file is “PROD_J_TH”) from computer 2 to computer 1.  Upon opening the backup file an error message popped up.  

"The following errors occured:

-Cannot open an empty project.  Adding an default empty scene

-Error parsing layout file /Users/…/PROD_J_TH.aux unexpected end of file at line 1, column 1

-Error parsing layout file /Users/…/PROD_J_TH/scene.versionTable unexpected end of file at line 1, column 1

-Error parsing layout file/Users/…scene.versionTable unexpected end of file at line 1, column 1”

I am not sure what this error means and/or how to correct it.  There was an earlier forum post about this, and I followed their instructions, but found that it didn’t work. https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-animate-family/support-and-troubleshooting/error-message-when-opening-file

Some other strange things I have noticed about this situation.

- Before this problem arose, I could transfer files back and forth between bothc computers without a problem.  This was even true even after updating the OS of both computers.  

-I can create storyboard pro backup files on both computers 1 and 2, but can only open and use them on the computers they were created on.  Ex; If I create a backup file on computer 2, I can’t open it on computer 1, or any other computer.  It only works on computer 2.  The same thing will happen if I create a backup file on computer 1; the file will only work on computer 1. 

Has anyone else had an issue like this?



gurren lagann storyboards

how were you able to get these boards?! its always so amazing to see the boards and see how the animators translated them.